Victory Monday’s Discussion #2: Soreness & Exercise

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We all have felt it. The day after exercise you feel like you can hardly move without your muscles screaming at you in pain.

This is what is known as delayed on set muscle soreness or DOMS for short.

DOMS is caused by myofibril tears (muscle strains). The microtrauma results in an inflammatory response.

The tears are from the results of mechanical tension during exercise. More specifically the eccentric or the constant lengthing of of a muscle under tension causing most of the damage to the fibers

Some tips to avoid excessive soreness after a workout is to:

Take it slow

Increase your week each week in smaller increments

Perform a cool down after your workout

DOMs should subside completely after 72 hours however in the meantime the best things

you can do to treat the pain are:




Or take a NSAID, however I would caution against long term use as this can affect your recovery. @Been in a car accident

Been process because inflammation is used to signal healing with the body.

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