Victory Monday Discussion #1: Tips for staying consistent

Monday's Discussion: Staying Consistent

Being consistent is being predictable. In order to grow stronger or gain results, the body needs to adapt through placing an overload upon it. By consistently placing this overload on the body. The brain and muscles predict that it will feel this stressor again and needs to be more prepared to deal with it better than the last time it was encountered.

Needless to say consistency and results go hand and hand and the importance of it has been emphasized in the fitness community since forever. However, it seems to be the most challenging part of the fitness journey. The truth is a lot of diets work, a lot of fitness programs work but the #1 reason most fail is because they fall off the plan.

The solution: Take baby steps, if you are new to exercise do not worry about trying to follow the best plan or trying to follow what you seen someone else do. Instead follow a plan that is simple and works best for you. 

- If you have to start with doing 1-2 days per week. Start

-If you are terrible with following meal plans. Keep it simple and eliminate 1-2 things in your diet you know is harmful.

-Have extra time, go for a walk.

Use the power of starting small and building.

Use that momentum to help you grow.

-Your Coach, Eric

Ps. Let me know what you think about this post and if it helped you.

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