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Immune Boost Green Detox

Drinking homemade fresh juice is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system. No matter what type of juice it is, as long as it is freshly made your body will benefit from it.

Green juice benefits

  1. Rich in antioxidants

  2. Helps maintain healthy skin

  3. Good for cleansing your body from toxins

What does detox juice do?

A detox juice helps your body cleanse by getting rid of toxins. Now you don’t need to be just drinking juices when you want to cleanse your body. Just eating light, healthy meals for a few days after days of feasting is surely good for you.

Many people drink juices only to lose weight or detox for several days. I highly recommend consulting a specialist before doing this.

Try adding this detox green juice to your diet that contains moderate portions of protein, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and whole grains.


  • 3 Large Green Apples

  • 7 ounces Fresh Kale (200 grams)

  • ½ English Cucumber

  • 1 cup Fresh Spinach , packed (25 grams)

  • ½ Small Lemon , juice only


  • Wash all the ingredients. Cut the apples into quarters, kale and cucumber into smaller pieces that fit inside the juicer chute.

  • Juice everything except for the lemon.

  • Taste the juice. If you feel like it doesn’t need any lemon juice, omit it completely (see note 2 & 3).


  1. The ingredients can be adjusted to your liking – add more apples, less spinach, more cucumber.

  2. Add the lemon at the very end after you tasted the juice. It might or might not need a full half of lemon. This will depend on how sweet/sour the apples are.

  3. If you prefer sweeter juice, use red apples or stir in maple syrup.

  4. Store in a sealed glass jar/bottle in the fridge.

  5. Best consumed fresh but can last up to 48 hours if stored properly.


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