1700 Calories Traditional Weight Loss Meal Plan

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Hey! I put together a simple 1700 calories balanced nutrition weight loss meal plan. I wanted to make this meal plan incredibly easy to follow for anyway that is new to doing meal prep.


  • Two eggs, scrambled

  • One slice 100% whole-grain toast with one tablespoon 100% fruit spread

  • One apple


  • Chicken wrap or chicken breast: One whole grain tortilla, one-half cup chopped chicken, three tomato slices, one tablespoon light mayonnaise, lots of lettuce, and one ounce shredded cheese

  • One cup milk


  • One three-ounce sirloin steak

  • One cup cooked green beans

  • One medium sweet potato, baked

  • One small glass red wine

Snacks available for this meal plan

  • Several glasses of water

  • Three-fourths cup plain yogurt with one tablespoon honey

  • One-half cup raw carrots

  • 14 walnut halves

  • One cup 100% grapefruit juice